Your Symptoms are Speaking to You

Your symptoms are your soul’s way of speaking to you. They tell you a story about your life from your soul’s perspective.

Symptoms reveal the truth about your life; the language is quite clear.

Every pain or other symptoms has a story to tell. Once you hear their story with an open heart, symptoms have no reason to stay.

Many people don’t take the time to listen to their symptoms, and, instead, fixate on alleviating them. And inevitably, the pain, the rash, the illness come back.

Just last week a prospective private client contacted me about my work. She asked if we could “clean the ground“ together.

She is a young mother who has suffered with illness for a long time.

During one of our calls, she admitted to trying acupuncture and finding temporary relief from her ailments.

I believe acupuncture can be an integral in a patient’s treatment. In fact, I use this method myself.

But, when a patient is looking for relief from chronic diseases or cancer, it pays to first pay attention to the symptoms to hear what they are trying to say.

I call this “hearing with your heart.”

When you open up to possibilities and release resistance, you are able to understand your experience differently. A deeper understanding results in new realizations about your past.

In my experience, your deepest yearnings are what’s longing to be heard. When you quiet the outside world and truly listen with your heart, you can hear the whispers of long suppressed dreams and desires.

They are buried underneath the pile of shoulds and don’ts that you’ve listened to and believed all your life.

Clearing the rubble away so that you can clearly hear the stories of your symptoms is the essence of your healing work.

It’s not easy. In fact it’s often hard and can be painful. But, I promise, what you find buried underneath will be fulfilling and life changing.

Are you ready to hear with your heart and begin removing the pile of lies from you past, piece by piece?


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