You Can’t Course-correct from the Park Position

“Why don’t you move forward,” she asked. “What is holding you back?“

At the time, when my coach asked me this, I felt life was filled with forward movement.

To me, it didn’t seem I was clinging to my old life. I had changed a lot, yet, underneath I wouldn’t go there.

To tell the truth, I had no idea what THERE was. It didn’t matter; I was scared anyway.

I eventually learned that there meant freedom. There meant releasing who I was. There meant making space for new to emerge.

There was scary; I resisted it.

Yet, in the back of my mind was a little voice: “Maybe there’s not so bad. Maybe you should try. What if your life changes for the better?”

“Maybe,” I argued.

But, in truth, my life wasn’t that bad. It was just a bit dull and boring; I had no idea how to turn that around.

Going through that period of uncertainty taught me a lot.

Today, I can spot when my patients are in the same space.

Often, they work hard to uncover their truth, yet, they don’t do any thing with the knowledge they uncover. They remain in park, rather than shifting into drive, so to speak.

Healing requires forward momentum. It takes a change in perspective and in action. And yes, it can be incredibly scary.

What I’ve learned in doing this work is this: In every healing journey there comes a point where you have to face yourself without protection.

Suddenly the fog lifts, the dullness is gone, and you know exactly what to do. The really challenge comes in finding the strength to follow through.

That’s why I want to encourage you to step forward. Do what feels right at this moment. To get there, you must shift gears.

Move forward.

Take a chance.

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