By day’s end you might not feel you spent the day well as much as it spent everything you had.

If you’re like many of the people whom I serve, you want to feel whole but you feel broken. You want to serve others, but you’ve forgotten how to serve yourself. You want to feel alive and healthy, but you’ve forgotten how to choose what’s best for you.

Depleted and scattered, you are easy prey for illness and misguidance.

More tests, more pills, more authoritative opinions leave you more confused.

What if your path to wholeness resided with your learning again how to trust your core and choose what’s best for you on every step?

It’s possible.

Your core is not a fuzzy metaphor. Your core is an actual center that resides within the mind-body continuum that gives you signals to detect disharmony, what’s the source of the disharmony, and what your best choice is to bring your mind, body, relationships, work, and life into wholeness.

You can learn to choose from your core again.

This is where I come in. My name is Dr. Tiny and I help seekers to restore their self- trust and wholeness. Being whole again is what healing is about.

Being whole means

  • being full of energy
  • choosing to say no when called for
  • attending to your needs
  • living in harmonious relationships
  • choosing to support your body
  • and ultimately listening to your core and follow its guidance.

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