Why Healing on Your Own is so Hard

Fairly frequently, I get questions from readers who ask me for little pointers on how they can heal themselves.

I think I’ve mentioned it in this blog more than once: Relying solely on yourself when you begin to heal is extremely hard, if not impossible.

At some point, you will be deep in the mud and your mind will play tricks on you. You will hear negative voices and start to believe them.

No one will be there to call you on your limiting beliefs. No one will hold a sacred healing space for you, and no one be there to see you in your highest, brightest light.

Even with all the knowledge I had accumulated over the years, I couldn’t have healed myself if I’d tried to do it all alone. In fact, I can’t think of any of my colleagues who tried to do it alone, either.

We all need a mirror and a light that shines in the dark.

We need someone who holds the space for us, and guides us, and cheers us on. We need a healer who believes in us and sees what’s possible for us, especially when we have given up on ourselves.

Yes, it so hard to be vulnerable and allow someone else to see our mess. It’s much easier to believe we’re the only person who is too lost, too stupid, or too afraid to do the healing work.

It’s easy to throw up your hands, give up the fight and say to yourself: “There is no hope, so why bother?”

Never believe that lie for a minute. There is always hope. You are not too messed up to do the work. In fact, wherever you are, however you feel right now is the perfect place to begin.

But first, you need to build a support system you can rely on.

Believe me—you’ll feel 100 percent better just by sharing your story with a healer you trust.

It’s never too late. Reach out. Right now.

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