Why you need to slow down

There she sat. Shoulders slumped. Deeply unhappy. ‘I’ve been working around the clock all those years. I honestly don’t know, how I slow down. What am I supposed to do with my time? I can’t watch TV all day.’  Now she had cancer. After surgery she went back to work and scheduled her chemotherapy session in between client meetings and overseas trips.

That’s how far we have come. We are afraid to take time off. We are busy every available minute and when, God forbid, we have free time, we fill it with busyness. The truth is: You need time for yourself. Time for recharging your batteries. Time for healing.

I’ve been there myself. I went to dentistry school, worked as an anesthesiologist and studied chinese medicine. I thought it was normal. It never occurred to me that I needed to rest. ‘I’m not done yet. I need to do this before I can rest. I’m not good enough. I need another certificate to be worthy.’ You get my drift.

I ended up depleted. When I finally allowed my body the much needed time for recharging I just hang around. My brain refused to work. I read about 50 romance novels, which didn’t require a single brain cell, and I cooked a lot. I was even to tired for exercise. I walked my dog twice a day and that was it. I believe if I hadn’t listened to my inner voice shouting at me I would have been sick by now.

So back to the beginning: How do you slow down? First of all it takes time. All your circuits are overcharged and used to this state of being. Slowing down brings all kind of physical problems to the surface. Just be aware. Those problems will pass eventually. It takes, you guessed it, time. Then out of the blue an idea pops into your head. How would it feel if I did this or tried that? Run with it. Try it out. Let it be, if you don’t like it. Try something else. Be silly. Doesn’t matter what people think. At some point you will realize there is a flow in your life that hasn’t been there before. You feel when it’s time to move and when it’s time to rest. Good, you have come a long way.



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