What’s your pain telling you?

A few years ago I worked with someone who was in pain most of the time. That’s why he came to my office. No medication would help. He looked worn out and tired.

He told me about loosing his wife, his mother and a close aunt all in one year. One hit after another. Finally he lost his will, his power, his life. He developed excruciating pain in his face. This led to extraction of all but one of his teeth. He couldn’t chew anymore. The pain was still there. Beside he’s got one episode of flu after another. His gut refused to work as well.

In chinese medicine lung meridian and the meridian for the large intestine belong together. Grief affects your lung. Immune capacity also depends on lung function. On the other hand the large intestine is about letting go.

We started with writing. Why? Apparently the painkillers haven’t helped and he needed to own his story behind the drama in order to let it go. In my experience writing allows you to do just that one small step at a time.
It took a week or so until his pain got better.

When he went inside guided by his writing practice he discovered anger, anger, anger. He was so angry with his deceased wife for leaving him alone with their daughter. The pain got worse again.

With time he could see the connection between his emotions and his pain.

Half a year later the pain was gone. He was back in life. Now he wanted to go back to work. At that point he decided to get teeth implants.

Surgery went fine. He looked many years younger and was deeply unhappy. Pain – again.

He was frightened. His new appearance meant a new life. A life he was scared to step into. When he overcame his fears the pain was gone for good.

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