What’s all the hype about raw food?

I’m writing this for all of you out there who think they are defect. Defect for not wanting or able to digest raw food no matter how often they tried. If seen seen this time and time again. People change their diet from junk to raw food and suffer.

Really, it doesn’t have to be that way. And NO there is nothing wrong with you.

Let me explain. If you have eaten junk food more or less your whole life you trained your gut or rather untrained your gut. Your intestines don’t have a proper inner lining, miss the right bacteria and lack muscle.

You can substitute bacteria. Still, it takes time.

You want the changes to last, right? That’s why I would suggest to go slow. I know it doesn’t sound good and takes to long.

Give your whole system some time to adjust.

You might never be able to digest big amounts of raw food. That’s ok. Just go with cooked foods and you will thrive.

Another thing that might sound a bit of woo woo: A diet change effects you on a body and on a soul level. Everything you eat has an energetic quality. Junk food, alcohol and meat act extremely grounding. On the other hand veggies make you light. You need to find your own balance that fits your needs as a whole. That’s different for everyone. The more you open up the lighter you food becomes. It’s all connected. That’s why you easily fall off the wagon when you introduce dramatic changes to your body when your mind is not ready for it.

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