What would you be more if you let go of the past?

Let’s face it. All our problems and illnesses we face now have been created in the past. We did it. Our body is like a giant echo chamber of our thoughts. Nothing gets lost just stored somewhere safe. When we think we can’t go on like this a single minute.


The body fights back. Or maybe not so much fights as reminds us to take care of neglected business. Cancer comes out of nowhere. Except, it has been there all along sleeping.

We are confused, scared, exhausted, drained, angry…

Fear tries to eat us alive.

This is the time to face your past. Why? To uncover the real YOU. To allow yourself finally a life worth living. To emerge as a precious original in world of copies.

I get it. Healing is scary. We look for the easy way out, the short cut. I’m afraid it’s not there. Just start with one single step. Then another one. Then another one. Keep going.

This post was inspired by Danielle Laporte and her Burning Question of the week. Thanks Danielle .

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