What about your gallstones?

When I read about it a few years ago I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was a fake, a lie. Couldn’t get my head around the fact that there is a way to eliminate gallstones and it is not used in medical treatments. I started to experiment with liver detox methods. It blow me away how my body reacted to it.

Nobody had told me in med school that my shortsightedness might get better when I clear my liver . That my skin doesn’t get burned anymore. That my sleep would be soundless from the moment I went into my bed until the alarm goes off in the morning. That I wouldn’t need the alarm because I was already awake…. I saw little changes almost every day. Over time I got so used to it I don’t remember anymore how it was before.

Think about it. Do you skip coffee or cheese or nuts because of pain? Do you know about your stones? Did you schedule surgery?
Have you heard about ‘so called’ intrahepatic stones? Basically stones made from bile but still in the liver.

Intrahepatic stones cause more trouble than gallstones alone. The thing is they don’t hurt. Your liver is not sensitive to pain.

How do you find out you have them? If you eat a diet containing any animal product – you know. Animal protein leads to a thickening of bile and ultimately to stone formation.

Your liver is your body’s powerhouse. Separation, transformation, distribution. Proper functioning depends on the amount of bile produced. A liver clogged with stones isn’t able to work.

In med school nobody told us. Gallstones? Have surgery. Done. Did you get better? For a year or so.

You can get rid of your gallstones and even more important of intrahepatic stones – without surgery at home. Stay tuned. I tell you how.

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