Hi Lovelies,


I write a lot about my views and experiences. Every now and then I have more hands on articles. Since they are sometimes hard to find I put the most interesting on this page. Enjoy.


Part of my work is nutrition 101. Since many people suffer from some variety of intestinal problems I wrote down the plan my patients get, when we start working together.


Another thing is detox. If you look for advice how to read the measurements of your urine pH levels you might be interested in this: What are your Urine ph levels telling you?


I recommended this exercise countless times. It’s simple and it works. And who doesn’t need more personal space? Click here A Little Exercise to Create Personal Space to start right away.


For years and years I experimented with liver detoxing methods. Until I found this I wasn’t so sure to find a method that works and additionally brings me back center. It is about so much more than ‘just’ getting rid of gallstones.


Here you’ll find what you need to know and how you should feel working with a medical professional who is RIGHT for you. General Guidelines to help you start the Healing Process.