Watch out for Color!

I’m a member of a circle of people who dedicate their time to training their senses and intuition. This group meets once a year. When you see people only once a year, you can easily see changes in their appearance. Most often you notice changes in the colors they wear.

A few years back, I didn’t realize it myself but my friends asked me, “Why do you only wear grey or dark blue?”

What had happened in my life to cause me to choose such dark colors?

Back then, I was on the way down, energetically. I had burned almost every ounce of energy I possessed and it showed. I was one step away from severe illness.

The interesting thing is, inside I knew.

Sure my friends put my nose in it, but deep inside I knew I chose the dark colors long before they asked me about them. I was just too busy to acknowledge, accept and act on it.

Later that year, I made major changes in my life and started working with a gifted healer to uncover the cause.

Because I now have firsthand experience, I look for this phenomenon in the people around me. And it’s almost always true.

I’ve noticed that the more alive someone feels, the more colorful their clothing choices are. When your energy is up and you feel good in your body, you will suddenly find yourself looking for bright pink sweaters or deep green pants.

Sure, you can make a fashion statement by wearing all black, but you should know that the color black seeps your energy; it pulls you down.

I have never tried it the other way around. It would be interesting to see if wearing colorful clothing can actually build your energy up.

Therapy using colored lights works, so it might work with clothing, too. Why not?

The next time you feel your energy is low, try wearing bright colors to see if they lift your energy levels and mood.

Do your color choices in clothing affect your mood, or do you choose colors based on the mood you are in?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Suzie Flood

    I agree Tiny, I wear bright colours to lift my mood, I especially wear white if I am tired!!

    • Dr. Tiny Jaentsch

      Yes Suzie me too.

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