Unresolved Conflict Hides Inside Illnesses

As my patient turned to leave my office, stopped and said, “You know, I think I know why I got breast cancer. It’s my way to get the attention of my mom.”

I lost my voice for a second. Yes, I thought she was right.

Isn’t it sad that, even as an adults, we continue to fight our battles from childhood?

Most of my patients and clients I talk to know about their underlying problems. They feel something is off.

I believe that behind every illness, behind every cancer lies and unresolved conflict.

Conflicts related to breast cancer often deal with our relationships to our parents or close family members. I strongly believe once you resolve your inner turmoil, you undermine your cancer’s roots and eventually, it won’t come back.

But how do you get there? How do you reach a place where you are ready to face the pains from your past or in your current relationships?

Unfortunately there is no simple formula. Almost always it takes a lot of inner work and soul searching. The first step is to acknowledge and honor your pain; the next step is to find a resolution through mind work.

Healing begins when you can finally allow yourself to feel the pain you’ve been stuffing away for way too long. You simply allow yourself to grieve, cry, be angry, frustrated … all of it. Only then can you let go of your inner battles.

I see a physician’s role as a guide in your course of treatment. We are there to support your decisions and assist you carrying out the treatment you choose. We are there to support your growth.

Only you know the best course for your life.

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