True healing requires a body & soul approach

I teach a class at my community college in my hometown. I teach my students everything from detox to heart problems..

What I tell them is this: The root of every illness can be traced back to faulty metabolism.

My goal as a physician and coach is to help people bring their bodies and spirits into a more harmonious alignment and relationship.

At first, I usually focus on the body. I want my students and patients to experience relief as fast as possible.

I’m often asked if I believe a person can heal completely with only detox and nutritional changes.

For me healing is a multilayered process that requires energy. 

For instance, cancer patients are at an all-time energy low. When I begin working with a patient with cancer, I always, always begin with nutrition and detox.

I help my patients build strong foundations with a strict detox regimen for a few weeks, than healthy nutrition to sustain the changes their bodies made.

Then, and only then, will I begin to talk about the deeper layers of being that need to be healed, as well.

Usually, I support this whole process with homeopathy, which allows me to address a patient’s body ailments, as well as their emotional and mental pain.

I’ve found most patients want to talk about old wounds when their bodies begin to heal. They have an inner knowing of what needs to heal in their relationships and their lives.

To come back to the question, can healing occur through nutrition alone: I don’t think so. 

Healing requires mindset changes and, ultimately, a change in consciousness. I believe to truly heal, a physician must consider a patient’s the body, mind and spirit as pieces of a system that works together within a whole person.

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