Sometimes You Get Sicker Before You Get Better

A few month back, a patient came through my door complaining of back pain, and bowel problems, and thyroid trouble and … (The list went on and on).

After talking with him, I began to understand that what he was suffering from was problems with his kidneys and bladder, even though the symptoms had not presented themselves.

When I evaluate patients with multiple ailments, what I often see is those problems are associated with what I call “family of origin stuff.”

In his particular case, he was living trapped within a spider web his family had spun years ago. And whenever he tried to break free of its hold on his life, he would feel the web squeeze tighter until it suffocated him.

He was simply unable to say no to his family; the only way for him to break free was to move away.

But, the saying goes, “Where ever you go, there you are.”

And the same was true about his old patterns of behavior where his family was concerned. No matter how far away he ran, he was unable to stop his old patterns.

We began working together, and slowly, he was able to release old pain and patterns that had kept him stuck and sick. He was finally able to stand up to his family and say no.

For the first time in his life, he made a decision without consulting his mother or grandmother.

This was huge for him. I wasn’t surprised when after his break though, he had an intense anxiety attack and a temporary hearing loss.
Knowing the relationships in Chinese medicine, these new symptoms made total sense to me.

The Chinese believe that every organ is associated with an emotion and with a sensory organ. In the case of kidneys and bladder, the emotion is fear and anxiety; the sensory organ is the ear. As I explained he said „Ah, now I understand why you gave me kidney remedies.“

I believe, with time and healing, he will be fine. Slowly but surely, as he unravels his own story and old limiting patterns, he will come to see that being so enmeshed in family problems doesn’t serve him in his growth and health.

The more he sees, accepts and releases beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve him, the less his symptoms will need to present themselves to get him to pay attention.

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