Random connections: Why Uterus Problems Could Lead to Thyroid Trouble

In medical school, doctors-to-be study medicine and learn techniques for healing the human body.

But, often, what gets left out of their training is what I call “the alternative stuff.”

I am a voracious reader. And I’ve taken many, many classes in healing. And even after all my studies, I am still amazed when I stumble upon an unexpected connection in a real-life patient that I read about in my books.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you are familiar with my way of thinking: I believe every organ has a physical expression and it carries an emotional charge with a certain theme.

I’ve come to understand that uterus-related problems reveal a lot about a patient’s relationship to creativity.

A woman’s uterus is a place for the creation of children and art. And it doesn’t deal well with the word NO.

Here’s what I mean: When a woman decides to not bear children of her own, yet, she carries unresolved issues related to pregnancy or non-pregnancy, her body will know and respond.

The unresolved feelings may show up as anxiety or as feelings of being blocked or stuck in her life. This last bit of murkiness can affect her life flow in a big way. BTW, this applies to dis-ease „down there“ as well.

When a woman’s life isn’t allowed to flow, she is unable to speak her truth and express herself in a healthy way.

I see this in some of my female patients who experience thyroid problems.

When a woman comes to see me for treatment of her thyroid, one of the first questions I ask is if she has experienced problems with her uterus in the past.

Typically, she will look at me surprised and wide-eyed and ask, “How do you know that?

The body’s relationships are logical and easy to see once you know.

My job is to untangle and clear up these connections so patients can get a higher level of awareness and ultimately be healed.

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