“Working with Tiny is like talking with a long time friend. She gets to the root of what’s going on with you in a comfortable and easy way.

The biggest impact our conversation was the aha moment I had when she was able to see and articulate a pattern i repeat in my life without even realizing it. She gave me exercises to break this pattern and the results are amazing!

She walked me through a visualization exercise that helped me to see that a dream of mine was within reach. She also helped me to lay out small steps to achieve this dream and now it is not so overwhelming.

Her knowledge of mind, body, and spirit as well as her ability to tune into me and see areas that would benefit me to work on was truly amazing.

She is a gift and working with her was amazing and fun!”

Chrysa Wyland, Pennsylvania

“Dr. Tiny’s advice has impacted various areas of my life. For one, her emphasis on knowing how diet affects the blood, kidneys and immune system prompted me to begin juicing green vegetables with fruit in the morning to increase energy for the day. The day after I begun juicing: instead of crashing halfway through my workday, I had more strength and a sharper focus.

I have also practiced boundary exercises as a means to forgive people in my life for the harm they have caused yet without harboring any resentment. As a result, I have felt bitterness and anger disappear from my heart and thoughts. Furthermore, the exercise of speaking aloud to a family member (not in the room but pictured mentally), has increased my sense of freedom, both to discover who I am and to be how I was created. I am also taking up a new hobby—origami—and I am excited to unlock creativities yet undiscovered!
So, how has this information affected the decisions that I have needed to make for my life? I believe that no matter what trauma, abuse, or horrible circumstances we experience–we are accountable for our choices. For example, I have taken responsibility for learning how to better keep my body in the best health, for changing negative thoughts to positive ones…healing for my heart, body, and mind. This includes discovering talents that have made my life more joyful. By making these and other choices, I am able to positively impact others who walk with me along life’s path.

Thank you Dr. Tiny for your willingness to bring knowledge with compassion to encourage healing and restoration!”

Kathleen Alvarez, Missouri
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