Aidan Wachter: About jewelry and devotion

aidan2 - 1Aidan and I met through his jewelry. Jewelry that is made the ‘old’ way – with love, sweat, and care. The jewelry I have from Aidan is a talisman that reminds me of me.

Aidan’s work is anchored in right relationships with himself, his art and his shop fairies. Meaning – if there is no supporting vibe, there is no art to be done that day.

I see this as true devotion. Every day Aidan asks himself is he has what he truly needs to be creative. What if we asked ourselves the same?

What are you willing to do or let go off in order to do your best work? How do you stay true to yourself? What are your ingredients for being yourself? What do you really, really need?

Like many of us, there was a moment when Aidan felt there was something missing from his life. A nagging sense of incompleteness, even loss, lead to move after move after move until he found his home (in both the literal and metaphorical sense) on a farm. Things he thought were important faded away and he opened up to simplicity as his new normal.

A friend from San Francisco asked him how often he could hear sirens. “Never,” he answered. Country life strips your life down to the bare essentials. What am I here for? And do I live in way that supports me on the deepest level? A question that arises again and again. The answers are different from day to day except for the red thread – devotion to the work – weaving its way through everything.

You can find Aidan here and here

Jo Pillmore: How to change the way you think.

jo pillmore - 1Mindset shifter Jo Pillmore has made it her mission to guide other people out of the haze of their own faulty thinking. All too often, we build traps in our ways of thinking that catch us up later. Without realizing it, we spin circles, get agitated, and end up defeated yet again.

Jo shows you how to turn the wheel around (so to speak).

‘As above so below, as within so without’ – this also applies to the way we think. We stand, perplexed, in front of a big problem we desperately need a solution for. Jo challenges us to look at all the tiny annoying things that appear disconnected from the problem but actually provide keys to the solution.

Who would have thought…

This inner exploration never really ends, but after an initial course-correct it does get easier. For me, this has a lot to do with healing. With time and increased awareness you can learn to observe yourself thinking and interrupt unhelpful patterns before you get stuck in their trap. In the beginning, it definitely helps to have a trusted guide to help you explore.

I believe the healing of physical ailments begins with changing your consciousness; and that’s why I find Jo’s work so important.

What do YOU think?

You can find Jo on Facebook or you visit her website.

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Paige Zaferiou: About the cathartic experience of writing on toilet paper…

paige - 1When you work with the unseen world, you need to have some practices in place to ground and protect yourself. That’s when the toilet paper came up in our talk: Paige was explaining a technique she uses to break her own patterns.

The way we grow up molds and forms us. Paige is a “professional witch,” who draws on her natural abilities in reading tarot cards and natal charts, setting lights, blending herbs, recognizing omens, uncrossing curses and speaking with the dead.

For Paige, the world has never been the divided place it is for most of us. The material and non-material worlds have equal rights to exist and be heard. Tarot reading and art both draw heavily on intuition and listening closely to our deepest core. What’s required is trust. Trust in the unknown, trust in an outcome that is best for us – even when we can’t see it yet.

Tarot allows us to peek behind the veil. So what do you do as a tarot reader when you sense a not-so-positive outcome?

How does a tarot reader communicate not-so-favorable information to her client? Does she hold back? Does she dress it up? While most of us would feel the strong need to run, bury and forget what we have sensed, Paige does not. She chooses to face it head on and talk openly about it.

I asked Paige how she handles this kind of information while working with her clients. She replied that she turns her focus to the learning: What does this situation teach us? How can you protect yourself? And how do you make room for it in your life?

Paige understands Tarot as more of a guide than hard, unmovable fact. It tells us when it might be wise to pivot and when to stay strong. Paige sees herself as a supporter who gives her clients gentle nudges to help them moving forward in their lives.

Paige can be found on Facebook, Instagram or through her website.

You can hear our talk in my newest podcast episode …

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Michael Bettine: Rock music is kind of boring…

micheal b - 1As a trained percussionist, Michael Bettine started his music career playing in rock bands. It sounds exhilarating, but now, with 35+ years in the music business, he admits it was kind of boring playing the same 10 songs in every concert.

Michael is inseparable from his music. He has lived and breathed music and percussion since grade school. Back then, mostly out of curiosity, Michael started to experiment playing gongs.

Gongs have become his fascination and his teacher. His classical percussionist training hadn’t introduced him to the surprises that gongs had in store. Gongs revealed qualities he didn’t expect to find. Trust. Deep trust.

When Michael plays the gongs, he relies heavily on improvisation. So much depends on the space he’s playing in, the mood of the audience, and the feelings and emotions coursing through his body at the very moment of the concert.

In the beginning it was strictly curiosity and new techniques that appealed to him. When I asked if and how the gongs affected his health, Michael said initially he hadn’t noticed, but then admitted he rarely got sick since he began working with this instrument.

So there must be some truth to the healing qualities of sound.

Gongs open inner doors. Their music is a way to circumvent the rational mind. The sound goes straight through to our core and allows healing to happen.

Michael says when he plays he and his audience are here and now, fully in the present. No stories of the past, no dreams of the future. Just the sound, filling the moment.

You can find Micheal on Facebook or Twitter or visit his website.

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Chris Zydel: Finding the courage to wake up

_DSC0128.JPGDid you know there are different ways to feel? You can ‘feel’ with your brain or you can ‘feel’ with your whole body. The difference is like seeing the world in black-and- white versus experiencing the full spectrum of colors.

Full-color feeling requires you fully open your heart. Most people are automatically resistant to this opening process. It takes a great deal of courage, and demands vulnerability. And yet you deny yourself all the spark and vibrancy life has to offer when you stay closed.

Chris Zydel offers an intuitive painting class — helping people reconnect to their core through creative expression. Art is a wonderful way to bypass the analytical part of our brain and access our own intuitive intelligence.

Sometimes you can analyze a problem to death and it still remains unsolved. Sometimes ‘talking it out’ can’t heal a traumatic experience. The tools Chris uses today with her clients are the same tools she has used herself throughout her own journey of transformation and healing.

“If it just happens in your mind, that is not enough to effect any permanent change,” Chris says.

As human beings we have a body, mind and soul. Addressing only one level won’t get you far. You literally have to feel it in your bones.

How can we move toward feeling in full-color? Engage your creativity, even if you don’t feel that you are ‘traditionally’ creative. Turn to painting, writing, playing an instrument or any other activity that opens your innermost sanctum.

I believe we already know unconsciously why we are resistant to the creative process. It’s scary; we can’t control it; it leads us somewhere we have never been and we may not want to go, but where we need to go. Chris has guided and witnessed many journeys into the land of the unknown. And she knows the incredible power those journeys hold.

You can find her on Facebook or Twitter or you visit her website.

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