I find change just happens when we play. That’s why my patients get little exercises like painting their healing journey or writing poems about their life. Since I started doing this I witnessed again and again how their faces light up alone from thinking about painting, writing, doing anything creative.

Here is something to play with. This exercise was created to turn negative self talk around. You think you are not enough? Guess what? This translates in every interaction you have. You don’t want that, do you?

Here is what you do:


Listen to the guided meditation




And now you take a sheet of paper and create a business card of your soul.

Write 3 to 5 of your virtues on a sheet of paper. I don’t care if you take a picture and write underneath, make a collage around your words, or simply paint the letters. Do whatever feels right to you.

And yes, you are this  wise, bright, shiny, loving human being.

Once you are done ,take a moment to center yourself and put your business card of your soul mentally in front of your solar plexus.

From now on this is how you start your day. Do this little ritual every day and you’ll see your world change. Guaranteed.

business card