How your emotions affect your body!

Reading this blog tells you something.

I don’t believe in plain organ symptom relationships.

The world around us, the people we relate to influence our health. That’s why I believe every symptom our body shows, has a deeper meaning.  A meaning beyond the body level. Fortunately ancient medical traditions knew and know that too. That’s what I love about chinese medicine or ayurveda.

Our organs work as a pattern holder. How’s that? Within the complicated interrelated system called body is a definite place for everything. Every organ is related to a color, a sense, an emotion, a taste, a noise, a character trait and so on.

To give you an example. Lets say you are grieving. Than I know the organs most affected by grief are your lungs. You could support your lungs through special food, through rhythmic movements, through rituals. Lungs love structure. It doesn’t make your grief go away but it can help  you to move forward well supported.

That goes for every organ there is. I will feature one organ at a time to give you an idea how this works and how you can benefit.


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