On giving up sugar

Every time I teach, I’m asked one question: “How can I get away from sugar? I have such strong sugar cravings. I want to get over it, but don’t know how. Can you help me?”

Honestly, until I started hearing this question over and over again, I didn’t realize sugar was such a problem for so many people.

Years ago, during my first detox, I experienced some discomfort without the sweets but nothing major. What I noticed was that I felt fine without it, but once I tried it again, I was hooked—again.

So, I decided it wasn’t worth the effort to stay away from sugar since I loved my sweet desserts and cake.

With time and continuous detoxing, sugar finally lost its grip on me. At first I didn’t notice the difference in how I felt until the day I could see and feel that my close “sugar connection” was broken.

Dumping sugar from my life was a slow process. Eventually, I began experimenting with other foods to replace my sugar fix. I used to eat chocolate at work whenever I needed a boost. Dried fruit started taking sugar’s place and later nut butters on rice cakes.

Nowadays, I’m cooking nerd, and I make everything from scratch. You won’t find anything processed in my kitchen, and I never use ketchup or any sauces out of a bottle.

Eventually, with time, I began switching from fruit to veggies. This happened unconsciously; fruits were just too sweet.

The truth is, I didn’t follow a plan. It kind of evolved on its own. Today I’ll have sugary treats occasionally. I use sugar, like spices, in minuscule amounts.

One package of sugar lasts years in my cupboard.

What’s your story with sugar? I’m curious. Tell me.

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