Learn to translate the whispers of your body

My patients often have no real clue how this holistic health thing works. They come ’cause they have a problem, they are in pain or they battle with cancer. When we talk about their arthritis and I ask about kidney or bladder problems – wide eyes. ‘How do you know?’ I always say “It all belongs together.”

Let me explain. Our western medical system taught us to look at many single entities but not at the whole picture . You are treated for liver problems and no one cares about your frozen shoulder which could be caused by liver problems.

There is another way to look at things. This is common knowledge in all ancient medical systems. If you know, how to read it, your body is like a history book of your life.

What does it mean? Underlying every illness is a theme. That’s different for everyone. Once you get in touch with that theme of your life you heal much faster and you don’t need to become chronically ill again.

Here is a short story. I had a patient who experienced massive pain under her ribcage on the right side, neck and right shoulder were stiff and she was cranky all the time. Those problems occurred on a regular basis for two years. What happened in her life? She was under unbearable pressure at work. Vacation time was real life otherwise it was hell. So she made it from vacation to vacation. A sad way to live. Even when she was away from work it took her more than a week to leave it behind.

The problems above were her liver’s way of talking. The liver is related to anger. Think about how often we just swallow. We don’t fight back, we don’t act our anger out. We freeze and believe it will go away on its own. It does not.

What my client did? First I made her realize and acknowledge the enormous pressure she was under. Finally she decided to quit her job. Additionally she went on very liver friendly diet with lots of greens. Her problems – gone.

When you look around you will notice how much emphasis is put on our diet. How we nourish our body is important not only on physical level. The mind and soul need nourishment too.

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