Jo Pillmore: How to change the way you think.

jo pillmore - 1Mindset shifter Jo Pillmore has made it her mission to guide other people out of the haze of their own faulty thinking. All too often, we build traps in our ways of thinking that catch us up later. Without realizing it, we spin circles, get agitated, and end up defeated yet again.

Jo shows you how to turn the wheel around (so to speak).

‘As above so below, as within so without’ – this also applies to the way we think. We stand, perplexed, in front of a big problem we desperately need a solution for. Jo challenges us to look at all the tiny annoying things that appear disconnected from the problem but actually provide keys to the solution.

Who would have thought…

This inner exploration never really ends, but after an initial course-correct it does get easier. For me, this has a lot to do with healing. With time and increased awareness you can learn to observe yourself thinking and interrupt unhelpful patterns before you get stuck in their trap. In the beginning, it definitely helps to have a trusted guide to help you explore.

I believe the healing of physical ailments begins with changing your consciousness; and that’s why I find Jo’s work so important.

What do YOU think?

You can find Jo on Facebook or you visit her website.

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