It’s Detox Season Part4

I’m talking about Detox a few weeks now. Today I’m going to conclude this series with skin and kidneys. Some people refer to our skin as our third kidney.

You probably know where to touch on your body when you want to point to your kidneys. It’s underneath your ribcage on your back. This area hurts like hell when you suffer with kidney stones or kidney inflammation.

I know because I’ve dealt with problems with my own kidneys.

Did you know that nutrition affects the stone building process?

A long-term concentration of urine results in kidney stones. Or, you have so many waste products floating around that there is no way for your body to dilute the acids; it’s simply an overload.

This happens a lot with the standard Western diet. To support your kidneys you can drink nettle tea or golden root tea a cup twice a day. But remember those herbs help to increase blood flow through your kidneys. There have to be enough fluids, preferably clear fluids like water or herb infusions, additionally to the nettle or golden root tea. Adjust you eating habits accordingly. Basically go for anything green, vegetable and grain.

It’s almost the same with our skin. I was one of those people who never left the house without some cortisone or antibiotic ointment. Terrible – I know. Somehow all my problems vanished once I changed my diet, cleared my liver and got to know myself on a deep intimate level.

Our skin is like a mirror of our insides. How is your digestion, physically and emotionally? Your skin shows.

I probably sound like a broken record. But changing your diet helps A LOT.

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