It’s Detox Season Part3

In my previous chapters I talked about lung and gut related techniques. What I want  to tackle today is our liver. Usually we don’t think much about it. We just expect our liver to work miracles – no less. Digesting junk food combined with sodas or big amounts of meat and alcohol and coffee is very hard work.

I recommend a liver cleanse twice a year. How do you know your liver is stressed out?

You don’t sleep well. You wake up between 1 and 3 in the morning. You get easily bloated. You have a hard time getting up in the morning. Your neck or your right shoulder is frozen and hurt. Your have trouble with your eyes. Your skin burns very fast without sunscreen. For women: you have PMS.

When I work with clients I encourage them to do a cleanse according to the method of Andreas Moritz. This takes time and requires up to year until your liver is really clean.

If you want to do something more short-term – give up coffee, black tea, alcohol, anything fried and baked as well as animal products. Do this for 3 to weeks. What I usually hear is: What should I eat then? Rice, fruits and slightly cooked vegetables. You can also have nuts and seeds.

I guarantee you will feel amazing.

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