It’s Detox -Season Part 1

Depending on where you life you might not feel it yet, but it’s almost spring. As nature changes do our bodies. Transformationtime. You probably think it doesn’t matter what time of the year you detox. That is wrong.

When the seasons change your body undergoes subtle changes as well. You don’t want to uproot your system in December or January. Your body still needs the adjustments to the cold outside. It’s a different story in February. The sun is getting stronger, plants start budding their heads out of the soil – not quit yet, but still…

Today I want to introduce you to a fast and easy method to support your lungs. First of all observe your breath pattern. Is it shallow or do you feel each breath in your toes, because that’s how deep you breathe in? Just observe.  There are many, many breathing exercises available. Look for one that is easy to implement. You want to use it on a daily basis. What I recommend: Just count to 7 as you inhale and do the same as exhale. Do this for 2 minutes each day.

Another thing you can do, is prepare this recipe I going to share and see how it works. Take 8oz (200g) of pine nuts, pecan nuts and almonds. Grind those nuts. Add freshly squeezed lemon juice until you have a pesto like consistency and add a little bit of salt. Take 2 tablespoons twice a day until it’s all used.

These exercises and the recipe benefit everyone but I especially recommend them to people with chronic pulmonary disease and hay fever.

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  • Jovanna

    I love your simple breathing exercise. It’s great that the side effect is relaxation. Thank you, Tiny!

    • Dr. Tiny Jaentsch

      Hi Jovanna,

      simple is often best;-). Have a beautiful day.

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