I live for “light bulb moments”

One of the best parts of my job as a physician and coach is witnessing my clients’ “light-bulb moments.”

Nothing is more beautiful to watch.

I live for that instant when I can see that they finally get it; when they step out from behind the curtain and understand a new way of living, free of pain, often for the first time..

A few years back, I worked with a patient who was emotionally affected by bad things that had happened to her in the past.

She seemed to have lost her will to live; she struggled with constant pain, became sick from every virus or illness that was circulating, and never felt well in her body.

I knew instinctively that she needed to release her limiting thoughts and feelings from her past.

The first thing I did was to encourage her to write every day.

With most patients who suffer from limiting beliefs about their pasts, I typically get a look that screams, “Really? You want me to write my way to wellness? No way!.”

But not this time. This patient began putting her thoughts and feelings on paper immediately.

By our next appointment, she reported that her pain bothered her considerably less; I noticed she looked brighter.

What happened?

“I finally realized that I hold so much anger inside,” she admitted. “I believe that it almost killed me.”

There it was – I could see that a light had switched on inside her. Her whole being was illuminated.

Yes. Yes. Yes. I encouraged her to write because I wanted her to experience AWARENESS. I wanted her to witness the turmoil that her negative thoughts and feelings brought on, and how they manifested as illness in her body.

Often, uncovering the truth and seeing it clearly is the most painful part of the journey.

But, if you want to change your life in a deep, meaningful way, you have to know your WHY. The easiest way I’ve found to get to your why is to write it out.

Every day.

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