How to Turn a Bad Day Around

Have you ever had one of those days when you get up in the morning and right away something is wrong?

You can’t name it. It’s as if overnight your head got the wrong update and you feel kind of blue for no apparent reason. Somehow, your view of the future is obstructed and your past overwhelms you.

All you want is to stay in bed and hide underneath the blankets.

I find days like this very telling. When we feel our worst, we don’t want to take action to get out it immediately. It’s like we expect the grey skies to clear up and life to get sunny again all on its own.

Yes, eventually it will. But do you really want to wait and suffer that long?

Here is what helps me: Self-compassion with a side of discipline. Does this sound contradictory? It’s not. Let me explain: If I wake up feeling blue and sorry for myself, it’s a clear sign that I’ve forgotten about my daily practice.

Allowing this state of mind to take hold will mess up my day really fast. That’s why I force myself to do my daily practice, no matter what. Sure it can be varied to some extent, but there are components I always do. For example, I never skip my ice-cold shower, writing my morning pages or drumming.

By now I’ve experienced waking up out of sorts enough times to know how to change it before I go on with my day. I might not be as happy and wide-awake as I usually am, but I’m still able to enjoy my day.

One sure cure for the blues is making sure I sneak in more time in nature. Nature always brings me back to center. Sometimes, sacred time alone is enough.

How do you turn a bad day around?

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  • Bruce

    Nice essay, chock full of good ideas. The one I think I like best is to add more nature. (That and good sunlight if it’s available.)

    Best to you

    • Dr. Tiny Jaentsch

      Thanks Bruce 🙂

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