How to get rid of gallstones?

When I read about it a few years ago I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was a fake, a lie. Couldn’t get my head around the fact that there is a way to eliminate gallstones and it is not used in medical treatments. I started to experiment with liver detox methods. It blew me away how my body reacted. Nobody had told me in med school that my shortsightedness might get better when I clear my liver. That my skin doesn’t get burned anymore. That my sleep would be soundless from the moment I went into my bed until the alarm goes off in the morning. That I wouldn’t need the alarm because I was already awake…. I saw little changes almost every day. Over time I got so used to it I don’t remember anymore how it was before.

If you browse the web you’ll find as many voices against this methods as you’ll find in favor of it. Find your own opinion. Feel what’s right for you. When in doubt: Do it under guidance of a medical professional.

Outlined here is the gallbladder flush propagated by Andreas Moritz.


Let’s say you want to do the flush on saturday. Drink every day two pints of organic apple juice between meals. Start on monday.

Additionally go on a vegan or vegetarian diet for these days. No caffeine, no soda, no alcohol, no sugar.

On the 6th day (saturday have your last meal around 2pm, ideal would be steamed veggies and brown rice. It is important that you eat no fat and very little protein (triggers for your gallbladder).

Drink a tall glas of water with 1 tablespoon epsom salt around 4pm.

Do an enema around 6pm.

Drink another glas of water with 1 tablespoon epsom salt around 8pm.

Do another enema before you go to bed.

The Flush

Squeeze 1 and 1/2 grapefruit and mix the juice with 4oz. olive oil. Drink this mixture all at once and lay down on your right side immediately. Your head should be slightly elevated. Lay still for at least half an hour. Most likely you will doze of to sleep because you are so tired. It is exhausting for your body.

The next day

Have another glas of water with epsom salt around 6 and around 8am.

Do an enema around 10 am. You won’t feel hungry. I’d recommend you drink freshly squeezed juice. Start with solid food around noon. Go slow. Go vegetarian or better vegan. Let your body rest.

Due to the massive amounts of epsom salt you’ll need to go to the loo quite often. That is normal. After your enema in the morning you’ll find little green, grey, white or yellow stones.

Starting that day drink a cup of liver tea and a tea that supports your kidneys every day for a week.

Once you’ve passed the stones your bile flow is better. As a result your digestion will be better. This leads to detoxification of your whole body.

What I’m saying is: The detox process starts AFTER your stones are gone. This may take 2 weeks or more.

You should repeat the Flush every 4 weeks until you don’t pass any stones. In real life it takes up to year.

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