How Much are You Willing to Sacrifice?

“But I can’t eat like that! My husband cooks and I can’t tell him to make a separate meal for me. It would destroy our time together.”

She sat stubbornly in front of me, complaining, whining, bargaining.

“So are you willing to sacrifice your well being for the sake of your relationship?” I asked.

“When you put it that way, it sounds really stupid,” she said.

Yes. It does.

But isn’t this what we all do?

Every day, we have to decide: What does this situation or this choice mean for me? Is this what I want or do?

Do I want this (job, relationship, food choice … fill in the blank) because somebody else thinks I should want it?

It’s not our faults, really. We grow up this way; we’re conditioned to please others, follow the pack, to ignore our inner wisdom.

But you don’t have to follow this path. You can choose to do it differently.

When I work with patients, it always, always comes down to this very topic. They all struggle with different flavors of the same theme.

Underneath is the question: Do I dare honor my heart, my deepest desires, my love for myself?

It’s scary stuff. Most people step back from it. They take their time to ponder and overthink it.

The truth is, you shouldn’t have to think about that one. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

All you need to do is honor yourself, listen to your heart and follow your wisdom. That’s the first step in learning to live well.

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