How I Connect With My Clients Through The Haze Of Dis-ease

Just recently, I reunited with an old love of mine: Knitting.

Yes, you read that right. I admit it—I love knitting.

Why did I bring this up? It’s a part of me I have neglected for twenty years, or so. I all forgot about the calming qualities that come with sitting quietly and knitting.

If you are a regular reader, you know that I always look at my clients with my “inner eyes.” When I do this, my focus is their joy.

I look for the things that bring them joy. What makes them forget about time and place?

Experience has taught me that very often, the things that bring us joy are the things we used to do as kids.

When I thought about my own experience, I remembered that I used to knit all the time.

First, I made pants and dresses for my dolls, and later for myself.

Then one day, I stopped knitting and never looked back.

When I look with my inner eyes at my patients and tell them what I notice they immediately smile and open up. They feel seen.

This helps them to step out of dis-ease mode into healing mode. They feel when truth touches them.

For me, using my intuition in this way is how I reach them through all the haze a disease brings with it.

Let’s face it, a healing journey has its ups and downs.

Would you like to work with someone who can see you as you are inside in all your glory, someone holding the light for you?

You can. Click here to set up a Get Acquainted Call and we can begin your journey, together.

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