How does grief work?

When I was working in anesthesia I had to talk a lot. You ask, you explain, you talk about random stuff. Every now and then I had patients with asthma. Since I know about the relationship between grief and lung I asked them for how long they were suffering from asthma. What happened in their life when it occurred for the first  time?

I remember one lady who just fell into pieces after I asked. Her brother had died many, many years ago. She was still mourning her loss 15 years later. It’s ok to grieve, I mean really grieve. Grieving is an invitation for sadness to take root in your body. Grieving is a walk of tears through your body, through your mind, through your soul. Grieving leads to acceptance. Grieving leads to a life after…

Often we are so scared of these emotions that we close the door, turn the key and throw it away. The grief is still there. Working underneath.

There is healing in crying buckets of tears. Who wants that? I don’t. In spite of it, I urge you take your time with this. Allow it to happen, allow it back on the surface. You’ll feel better. Acknowledging your pain makes it easier to take.


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