How do you support your body through chemo?

Last fall one of my friends died from cancer or rather from chemo because of cancer. Usually I try to stay away from treating friends and relatives.  It’s hard almost unpossible to keep my distance.

I got involved through his wife. She fell apart. Constant worry had worn her out. So they ended up in a fight about food. She wanted him to eat, he refused, they fought.

When we talked I realized he doesn’t know what his body needs. His doctors didn’t tell him. He never ever thought about it. But he noticed the only food he could eat and craved was ‘the healthy stuff’. Surprise. Surprise.

Do you feel what’s good for you? Hardly anyone does because of social conditioning. There is so much information flying around. To much – we stop listening.

Chemo is used to destroy cancercells. It’s a poison that affects hopefully your cancer but most likely the rest of your body even worse.

Make it easy on your system. Your body needs clean food that gives you energy in contrast to food that wastes energy. Go with freshly squeezed juices, steamed veggies, soups and grains. Try to cut down on meat, diary and eggs.

And go slow. Don’t try to change in a day. Take your time. A month, two month, three month. So be it. You want a lasting change.




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