How do you connect with your soul?

Do you know what you want? Ask your soul. She knows. Well, if it could be that easy…..

Most likely you feel overwhelmed or lost. How can you know about your soul? It’s a myth, a concept. Yes and no. I’m sure you heard about flow experiences. Those times when you get lost in the process when you forget about time and life in general. That’s when your soul talks to you. Never had this? Maybe you just don’t know how to access this state.

Observe yourself where you live. Do you switch between past and future? Sad that the past is gone and scared what the future might bring. That way you forget about the present moment altogether.

Imagine a heavy secured door with many, many locks. The more you ‘work’ or rather play with them the more locks open. It usually happens in layers like peeling an onion.

For starters I’d say go for walk in the woods alone. When you walk alone you will find you have company, very talkative company. Your mind is telling you stories. There is no switch off button. What helps? Shifting your awareness from your storytelling mind to nature around you. It may not work when you try it at first. With time it will get better.

Another way to access your soul is writing. Write every morning for 20 minutes about everything that comes across. You will find yourself in your mind pretty fast, just keep writing whatever comes to you. If it’s only one word again and again – so be it. Keep writing. With time you will be able to differentiate between your mind chatter and those moments when something deeper comes up. Don’t try to hold on it. It will disappear all of a sudden.

Still another way is plain meditation. What I described above is meditation as well. For someone who has no ideas about meditation walking in nature or writing is a more accessible way to start.

Below you will find a MP3 recording I made. It takes about 3 minutes and leads you in the country of your soul. You could try and see how it works. That’s a guided meditation I found very helpful when I started. Use the link and listen to it.

a walk in the country of your soul

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