How can you change your eating habits?

When I talk to clients  we usually go through their daily routines, through their routines of life in general. What cought my eye – there is nothing to hold on. There is no structure, no ritual, just busyness instead.

Let’s say you want to change your eating habits. How are you gonna do that? You think about the food you want to eat. You think about when you want to eat, right? If you dig a little bit deeper you face completely different issues. You may reveal to yourself that it’s hard to say no for you. It’s hard to set boundaries.

Changing habits is one of the hardest things to do. Your old believe patterns sneak around the door, wait to take over in a minute. Yes, there is a way to make it easy on you. Start slow. Start with looking back. Start with stillness.

Look for rhythms in your life. To stay with food – look for when you eat and what. Eating late at night hurts your system, even the most healthy food. Your body is designed to rest and rejuvenate at night. Eating late makes you sluggish in the morning, makes puffy eyes (depending on the food), ’cause your liver is not done yet.

That’s where rhythm comes in. Try to eat every day at the same time. Just that. Watch yourself. How do you feel? What does it take to make it happen? Since our brain needs 21 days to adjust. Do it for a while. Ask again. How do I feel? Different. Same food but different. Why?

You created a container for all things food. What goes in there is food, emotions, stillness. What comes out is awareness. Awareness is key for everything in life. Once you see you can’t unsee. As much as you wish, it doesn’t work. Good.

Slowly almost without effort the food will change too. Why is that? Awareness. Your inner voice tells you what she needs for fulfillment. Your ego tells something different. How do you discern? Feel.


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