Healing Is not an Event

In one of my Facebook groups, we were recently talking about the importance of creating a ritual or practice to achieve goals or to become better, stronger and more capable. This made me think.

A healing journey is THE most private thing, and yet there are similarities to building a practice.

Here’s what I mean: When we start a healing journey, we want to eliminate our symptoms immediately; we want them to go away.

We live by an agenda, so we don’t allow wonder and possibility into our lives.

I believe that’s why we get sick in the first place—but that’s a topic for another blog post.

In our minds, we tuck our illnesses into a little box and label it “disease.”

In that box is where all our suffering goes. We squeeze our symptoms and pain into the box because we believe we don’t have space in our lives for them.

What would happen if we instead made a loving home in our hearts for this little box? Before you scream NO, hear me out.

Your symptoms are only one side of the coin; on the other side is pure potential.

The irony is, we can only truly heal our bodies and minds when we permit ourselves to believe that living our potential is THE doorway back to health.

I believe it’s the only way.

I know from experience the trickiness of finding the right key for that door.

That’s why healing takes practice and guidance..

The practice reveals that your healing journey is unique to you; no two journeys look the same.

The questions that lie tucked within your practice are these: Who are you? How well do you know yourself? Do you honor you own wishes and needs? Do you express yourself?

To answer these questions and discover what you are all about, you need a healing practice to unlock your inner doors.

You can’t think your way there.

Where do you begin? Start with doing whatever activity lights you up.

Notice what you do that makes you shine like a Christmas tree on the inside.

Whatever it is, do that. Do it again, and again, and again.

Make room for it in your life. Ask for space from partners, children and extended family if you need to.

Defend this passion with all you have. It’s life saving.

With time and practice, you will discover layer after layer of yourself.

And out of nowhere, an old yearning to dance will emerge. Don’t question it. Dance.

You will feel the need to write. So go write.

You might dream about painting. So go paint. Don’t judge. Do.

Healing is a process of discovery, not a destination.


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