Healing and curing is not the same, don’t you agree?

Your body is talking symptoms. Whatever happened in your life – your body has it stored within.

You probably heard about taking a healing journey. What does that mean?

The body doesn’t forget. The mind doesn’t forget. The soul doesn’t forget.

Somewhere deep down you know and feel who you are. But you won’t let her out. You are scared. You live without a vision. You move through the mud day in day out.

At some point your whole system can’t take it anymore. You get sick. You embark on a healing journey.

Then you pull away all the layers of old believes, outdated feelings, someone else’s mindsets. You see, you feel, you cry, you walk away in peace.

That’s in a nutshell what happens.

Healing and curing is very different. To cure means to make the symptoms go away. To heal means to become free. Free on a body and on a soul level. No harmful attachment to your past. You forgive yourself and everyone who hurt you. That is true healing.

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