General Guidelines to Help You Start the Healing Process

When people sign up on my email list, I ask if they have pressing problems in their lives they want to heal.

What I should have expected in response to my inquiry, (but didn’t), is endless streams of medical histories and stories of their searches for THE cure landing in my inbox.

What I want to say to each of the writers is Thank You; I appreciate your trust. Then, I want to explain that, while I understand their desperation and devastation, I can’t help them based on an email.

I do not feel that trying to pinpoint the problem based on an email, and then sending a quick solution is a way to honor their trust. In fact, that would belittle their pain and the process I use for healing.

The truth is, healing work takes time, effort, boldness and trust; a quick email from me wouldn’t encourage anyone to do what it takes to feel better.

However, I DO want to help those of you who were brave enough to reach out to me with your pain and your stories. That’s why I created general guidelines to help you along in your search for healing.

Remember, I believe our bodies’ reactions are reflections of what’s going on in our minds and hearts. In fact, our bodies respond physically to our mindsets and belief systems.

We become what we believe, for better or worse.

Before you look for someone to work with to help you ease your pain or treat your body’s symptoms, I ‘d like you to contemplate the following:

1. How did you grow up? Who were you close to? What dictated the actions you took in life, your heart or your logical mind?

The point is, when you acknowledge the connection between your behavior and how your family relationships shaped that behavior — trust me — you feel so much lighter and peaceful.

2. What does the history of your disease look like? Write it down and review what has happened in your life and how your body responded to the things that happened. I guarantee you will see connections.

3. What type of foods do you regularly eat? Have you ever tried a detox? Do you drink green juice every day? I ask these questions first when I work with a new one-on-one client. It takes time to build trust with a coach and bring the “ugly” details to light. Yet, clients come to me and want to feel better immediately. That’s why I start with nutrition and detox. A cleaner environment within your body will help you get clear more easily. Everything is connected; the body’s health affects the mind’s health, and vice-versa.

4. What is the one thought or idea that has stayed with you throughout your life? Typically, my clients hold a central belief about who they are deep inside themselves. That belief controls how they feel, what they think and how the behave.

I hope these guidelines help you get clear and focused with regard to your health and mind set challenges. Maybe working through the questions above will help find answers that will heal you.

On the other hand, I believe at some point, we need a guide for navigation. You will know when the time is right for you.

If after you answer the questions above, you still feel support and guidance as you navigate your journey back to health and happiness, contact me.

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