Here are some questions I get frequently asked.

How can you treat everything from head to toe?
You may be experiencing particular symptoms in specific places in your body. Chronic pain and disease, though, happen on a systemic level, even if the symptom emerges in a single place. There is always something deeper going on.

So, we work on a systems-level. That is one of the big missing links. I don’t see you as an isolated painful limb or a hurting liver. Due to my training in Chinese medicine I have a different view of your body and how the organs relate to each other. And I always consider you, the way you live, your relationships, your work and wether you are fulfilled in your life. Minor changes in your surroundings may lead to mayor changes within yourself and your body.

How long does it take?
Usually it takes 6 to 9 months. While that may seem like a solid bit of time, truth is, you’ve likely been living with your chronic pain and disease for years, if not decades now. And trying an abyss of treatments and medications that have either done nothing or stopped working along the way. In comparison, 6 to 9 months to reclaim a vital, healthy, pain-free state that lasts for life sounds downright speedy.

Should I discontinue my medication?
No, definitely not. With time you’ll notice you feel better, you sleep better, you regain your sense of ease and your whole outlook on life changes. That’s the time to ask your primary care physician for a reassessment of your medication and a possible change of dosage. The inner and the outer world are connected. Whenever you make changes inside you’ll a shift on the outside too.

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