Food rules vs food freedom.

I love food. Tell me about a new restaurant or where to find some uber-rare spices and I’m on my way. I’m the type of person who decides which station to get off at depending on the restaurants nearby.

And because I’m a healer I get angry stares now and then because it’s clear I don’t follow rigid rules for eating. I’m not paleo, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten free or ‘anything’-free.

Yes I’m convinced the standard American diet is unhealthy, even dangerous. Aside from that, I’m pretty much open to anything! When I work with people, this is the attitude I try to have them adopt, because it sets them free.

What if you could simply eat, without the shoulds and not-allowed-tos? Of course if you feel better without gluten, go for it. If you sleep better since becoming a vegan – perfect! What really pains me to see is the unrelenting shame (like your choice)people take on because of their food choices. I see it so often. Thinking about the food you eat is important, but guilt around food is poisonous.

Perhaps we focus so much on food because it’s a convenient way to avoid other problems in our life. Why do you crave sugar or fat? Dig deeper. What’s behind it? I can guarantee you there’s more to your cravings than a chemical reaction.

When we get past our guilt around certain foods, then we can face the real issue.

And then you could actually eat what you need. Your body knows what it needs. And it tells you. The thing is, we’ve learned to override these messages so we can’t even hear them anymore. The good news is: this process is reversible. And it starts with awareness and detox.

Do you think there may be more to your food intolerances than just body chemistry? What would it feel like to feel free around food?

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