Finding Health & Happiness is an Inside Job

Often, I’m asked how I work. The short answer is: I help my patients merge their inner worlds, a.k.a. their souls, with their outer worlds, a.k.a. their bodies.

I help them to become whole.

This sounds abstract to most people so allow me to tell you a story about one of my clients:

Recently, a woman came to see me for an initial appointment. Let’s call her Mary.

Mary explained that for the last year, she had consistently experienced digestive problems. She believed her problems were caused by her way of life, and that she needed to make big changes. Yet, she didn’t know where to begin or what to do.

Mary admitted that she was plagued by stress and she was unable to imagine how she could live her life differently; she could only see one possible outcome.

I often see this. Clients look in one direction only. They cannot see all the possibilities waiting for them.

For you to understand this case, I need to pause and give you a little inside information on bowel problems: In my experience, bowel problems are associated with self-worth problems. Think about it: As kids when we were potty trained we were proud of OUR product. As adults we hope no one notices the smell. Being proud of what we made is the common theme here.

Mary felt her life was extremely difficult and she could never get ahead, no matter how hard she tried.

“I’ve always had to work more than everyone else around me,” she said.

Yet, when I looked at her life, I saw signals of accomplishment and happiness: She had a successful job and a fulfilling marriage.

But she couldn’t get rid of the feeling that something was missing in her life.

At first, we addressed her eating patterns and nutrition in general.

Next, I used my intuition (what I call my “inner eyes”) and sensed she possessed a talent and love for painting.

When I asked if she painted, she was surprised and a bit sad. Despite her love for the craft, she had neglected her need to paint for several years, while she chased the trappings of success.

My treatment suggestion: I encouraged her to enjoy green juice daily, suggested homeopathic remedies to help her to access her inner world, and gave her an affirmation to say every day to help her acknowledge herself and her worth.

Then, I asked her to begin painting again.

After a few weeks, she came in for another visit.

“My symptoms are 70 percent gone, and I feel liek I have grown. I’m bigger now,” she said.

I hadn’t explained to her about the homeopathic remedies I suggested in the first visit, and we didn’t discuss what she should expect from them.

I was surprised to hear she felt exactly what I was intending with the treatment plan I gave her.

I focused on improving her feelings of self-worth.

Mary’s new, regular painting practice brought tremendous joy back into he life. She felt in the flow.

In our next session, I got another mental picture that indicated to me that she was dealing with a problem in her life that had always been there.

She confirmed my feelings, and I began thinking about solutions to fix the problem once and for all.

“Thinking about solutions” is just the first step in healing.

Your body needs to feel your solutions. I design little exercises for every client to help them feel the shifts that occur. I require my clients to actually do “work.”

I don’t believe that you can think your way to health. There has to be action behind it. Otherwise, nothing will change. You heal by listening to your heart and telling your brain to shut up for a moment or two.

When Mary returned for a follow-up appointment, she was plain happy, smiling all over her face.

She admitted that now that she had her life in order and her relationships straightened, she had a lot of empty space to fill.

The difference was, after working with me, she felt the empty space was ripe with possibility.

Mary was able to move on because she experienced closure and order in her life. This helped her to move on. She no longer experienced her original symptoms and she was able to see openness and possibility in her life.

On the outside, her life appeared to be the same. Yet, on the inside her outlook was totally different.

After she took the first step in rediscovering her joy, she was able to travel her own path back to health.

Health and happiness are inside jobs, and they begin when you listen to your inner wisdom and do the work to get there.

As a side not to the little guy above: He is on a healing journey too after poisoning.

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