Feelings measure alignment

What does joy feel like?

For me it starts deep in my belly. It’s a thrill that builds and builds until I feel like I’ll burst at my seams. I feel like I’m on top of the world. Life is good.

How many truly and purely joyful days have I had? Not a lot, but enough to crave the feeling.

The experience of feeling deep joy opened me up. Before I experienced it myself, I didn’t know it existed. People who talked about it sounded to me like they had popped a pill or smoked something strong. It didn’t seem like it could be, naturally, real.

Today I know the biggest obstacle to joy is my need to remain sheltered and hidden. Whenever I hide in an effort to protect myself, my mood drops, little by little, and I end up in a gray fog. Life is meh.

So why isn’t there more joy in our lives? To feel joy we need to be open and open is scary. What if I get hurt? What if I reveal too much? What if people see my wounds? Will they target me, make fun of me? Trust me, none of this has actually ever happened. But in order to have this big feeling, we need to take this big risk.

Joy gives us a natural energy boost – incomparable. Even healing is amplified through joy.

The first thing that goes missing when we get sick is a light mood. Day by day, our view of the world moves towards the negative. In our dark mood, people we interact with mirror it back to us. So our world becomes a dark place.

Actually – No. The world isn’t changing, it’s us.

I’m not suggesting you ‘fake it’ – that’s too simple and I know it’s not that easy. I do suggest you seek out and enjoy the little things that warm your heart. Practice Gratitude. Humility. Usually we have a hard time with those too.

Begin with one thing you are grateful for, one thing. Continue to look for it in your day, then find two things, then three. Repeat it every day. Will yourself to do just this. It doesn’t take effort, just a decision to do it and the conscious act of noticing. With time your outlook will change, I promise. And you’ll start to open up, which gives joy a chance to fly in. Give it a try!

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  • Skye

    Is that Butternut Squash soup?

    From just the title I expected a comparison of at least two things in regards to alignment. Then I had to reread your post searching for what were the factors to be aligned and indicators of their value of accuracy. No problem with that as I find that I need questions to surface before I have space for their answers to fill.
    Are feelings measurements of the distance between who we are inside of ourselves and who we are that is expressed…our expressed self? Does being in focus or having the least amount of gap result in joy? Conversely does being out of focus (called being out of touch) and having a significant gap show up as depression or any of it’s relatives; anxiety, fear, anger, etc. with a spectrum of variety in between? Or do we interject acknowledgment of a Higher Power or Creator and compare the distance between who we were created/designed to be, what distance have we come, and who are we currently? Which may provide an immovable direction (& power?) to adjust towards.

    Thank you for this post. I think sickness has such a unique way of communicating to ourselves as it is a (hopefully very temporary) imprisonment in our body upon which we are so very dependent for survival.

    • Tiny Jaentsch

      Skye, btw. this is carrot juice
      What I meant was you know where you are based on how you feel. This deep joy from inside out was something that kept me going during my process, I just followed the taste of it. I wanted more. And I know now that’s exactly how it feels when my world is right 🙂

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