Ever thought about a liver detox?

How often have you heard about  liver detox? Isn’t it just an organ of our body that takes care of itself? At least that’s what I learned in med school. The body is designed to function properly without outer intervention. True! As long as you eat a healthy diet, don’t repress any anger and are in sync with your innermost dreams. Are you?

It’s so easy to get off track….

Spring is liver time according to chinese medicine. This is the time of rejuvenation. We are supposed to shed all our baggage from winter in terns of excess body mass and repressed emotions. The recommended time for a liver detox is one week before or after equinox in March and September. Seasons change, so does our body.

Detox is first and foremost about awareness. Create a detox container that makes room for all things rejuvenation. Allow time for staring holes in the sky and time for conscious eating.

Ask yourself: What do I want? What do I hate ? What do I stay away from and why? What do I look for?

Detox is about rest.

Detox is about food that supports your liver. Think green. Not necessarily raw. If you want to go that route start with freshly squeezed juices. Drink them first thing in the morning. The majority of people doesn’t do well with raw food.

Why? Our intestines are not used to it. The right equipment, meaning a proper inner lining of the intestines and the right bacteria are long gone or diminished. That’s why you are bloated after raw food. If you want to do yourself a favor start with steamed veggies and freshly squeezed juice in moderation. No coffee, no alcohol, no sugar. Think about more no’s or yes’es for yourself!


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