Essential Oils Can Lead You Back to Center

Yesterday I visited a Facebook friend.

We entered each other’s orbit about four years ago, talked some on the phone, but had never met.

But this year, after I blogged about how I work, she contacted me and invited me to meet in person.

She works with essential oils. I was immediately intrigued when she opened her case of 130 oils. I experience my world mostly through taste and smell, so my interest was piqued at what I would discover about essential oils.

My friend explained that every oil has its own personality. In fact, you can “feel” an oil even before you smell it.

“Just go for it. Pick the one that you feel drawn to,” she said.

I picked one and I got a picture from my inner eyes that revealed the oil would open up my world in a big way.

The truth is, it scared me a little. I wasn’t sure I was ready.

I picked one after another, first turning inward to see with my inner eyes. Then, I’d inhale the oils’ scents.

I was touched in deep way. But, I couldn’t see how I could use essential oils to benefit my patients.

The two-hour drive home felt magical. A golden sun glowed on clear blue sky, and I simply felt happy to be alive. I realized that experimenting with my friend’s various oils caused a shift in my energy. I felt clear and on purpose.

I also noticed a change in my appetite. I craved veggies for dinner, tea and water and that was it. This, more than anything, told me about my energy shift.

The oils aligned my energy system in such a way that I felt centered, at peace and fulfilled. I attributed these feelings to the essential oils.

Now, I clearly see how I can use them to help my patients.

See you next week. I’m off playing with the oils.

Have you ever experimented with essential oils? I encourage you to trust your instincts and try some. Share you experiences in the comments below.

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