Emotions are just energy

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and even my morning practice of meditation and morning pages can’t calm the emotions swirling inside of me. It’s like someone took a big spoon and swirled all my feelings together. I feel stuck with discomfort bordering on anger and sadness.

I took me a long time to recognize what was causing these unsettled feelings. Why I couldn’t simply find peace and start my day’s work.

I realize now that I need to pull the plug and let the swirl of emotions drain free. Emotions are energy. When I keep all that energy blocked and trapped inside it causes discomfort, pain, anger, sadness.

Everyone has a different way to unblock energy and get it flowing. For a while, I worked with meditation to get the energy going. It worked, but I found it very complicated; it took me what I thought was far too much time and concentration to reach a place of peace. What I did learn, was my emotions really change when I allow them to flow. I don’t stay stuck in anger or sadness. When I can get those uncomfortable feelings flowing, they leave my body and truly relieve me of my inner pressure.

So here is my fool-proof way to unblock myself: plain old tears. Yes, sometimes, I cry on purpose! It’s quick and it works. There are a few YouTube videos that move me to tears every single time I see them. I watch one or two or three of those and, sure enough, I start to cry. And after a good cry, I feel as good as new!

Crying gets my emotions flowing and unstuck my energy, relieving me of stress and discomfort. In itself, it doesn’t solve the problems in my life, but it takes away my blinders and allows me to see more clearly. Why not try a really good cry?

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  • Skye

    Tears have different chemical components and structure depending on their varying causes. One testimony of this is here: http://rose-lynnfisher.com/tears.html

    Also, Candice B. Pert, PhD has a book, Molecules of Emotion, and scientific discovery recorded on the subject of emotions manifesting chemically everywhere in the body.

    Your blog, Tiny, expresses the truth, I think, of how our human invisible nature sustains our physical body and surely connects us to those physical beings and all physicality around us. The interactions between the two are most interesting both in their pattern and power.

    Thank you for the post.

    • Dr. Tiny Jaentsch

      Tears have different chemical components? Didn’t know that. Food for thought. Thanks.

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