Doctors Provide the Tools, But the Healing is up to You

Do you know what makes me shine like a Christmas tree?

I am filled with joy anytime one of my clients say to me, “You told me to try X, and I tried it. But, I found what’s best for me is Y.”

I truly want all my clients to be free, independent and responsible for their own health and healing. I want them to trust their instincts and FEEL for themselves.

As a doctor, there is only so much I can do. I believe as healers we are guides, however, that doesn’t mean we know better all the time.

The truth is, we are human, and we sometimes get it wrong.

I know for sure that YOU are the expert of YOU, and I trust your judgment.
You know best what you need right now.

Physicians and other healers can only provide the tools and guide you in how to use them.

The rest is up to you.

Healing depends as much on your willingness to go deep as it depends on the healers’ ability to guide you there.

Let me know what YOU think!

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