Do you produce your own misery?

Do you produce your own misery? You know Law of Attraction and the like.

It’s way more simple. No need to get all woo woo. Just observe your patterns. Replay your thoughts when you go shopping, when you cook, when you spend time with your partner.

How is your brain working? How often are you in comparison mode? Are you fast to judge people?

I don’t know about you. My unhealthy patterns have a way of sneaking into my consciousness. It takes a while to notice. I judge people silently in my head for the food they buy or my husband for doing this or that.

The realization IT’S ALL ABOUT ME was a game changer.

Are you ever judgmental when you laugh or play? Judgement is a sign for an imbalance. I try to step back, take a deep breath and seeeeee. Where am I wrong?

Since then recalibration takes almost no time.

What are you criticizing and why? What’s underneath?

This post was inspired by Danielle Laporte’s burning questions. She asked: What do you want that you already have?

Thanks Danielle for making me think.

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