Do You Have the Courage to Trust Your Intuition?

Imagine how easy life would be if, anytime you hit a bump in the road, you could tune in a wise inner voice that would help you figure out what to do next.

You’d always feel calm, and you would rely on faith until you could see clearly again.

Who wouldn’t want that?

I recently had an interesting conversation that provoked this article. Every month, I bring together a circle men and women who come together to train their senses. What we are really doing is learning to trust our intuition — that first glimpse of truth that arises in back of our minds.

How often do you dismiss your inklings? Probably every day, don’t you?

For close to ten years, I have facilitated these circles. And in that time, my life has made a 180-degree turnaround.

I learned to follow the flow.

One of the participants recently asked, “But isn’t that extremely uncomfortable? Doesn’t it hurt?”

That’s a fear most of us believe about following our intuition. I used to think the same thing.

Now, I see it differently: I believe you can ignore your intuition and your emotions, and life will seem to flow easier for a while. And at first glance, everything seems ok, until you realize you are walking through life feeling numb. Are you willing to pay that price?

Humans are not wired for lives of numbness and shades of grey. We crave color, emotions, and bliss. Yet, the irony is, we simultaneously fear what we crave most.

When you start trusting intuition, it can feel as if someone turned on the lights on around you. You realize you’ve allowed the vibrancy to seep from you life as a way to protect yourself from being hurt.

Another question I often get is: “How will my relationships change? How will people react to me?”

The truth is, some people will like you even more; others won’t. If you trust your gut and act on it, you’ll notice your self-confidence levels begin to rise. You will speak what you think no longer sugar coat the truth.

Very often the thick sugary glaze we put on everything to make it more palatable for people in our surroundings is actually made to protect ourselves from their reactions. People can’t stand the naked facts and the truth, so we hide them behind sentimentality or superficial words.

It can be lonely in the beginning. This is normal. Re-organizing your life is often met with push back from the people who knew you and liked you the way you were. When you change, they must look at the truth about themselves.

My advice is to trust the process. Stay in the moment and don’t be tempted to go numb again. Don’t. Please. Feelings of isolation will pass.

Holding up a fake personality as a shield is something that almost always needs to be addressed in a healing journey. We are so scared of what people think of us.

When that happens, trust your family and friends. They were always with you and they know your fake personality is just armor. They will love you anyway.

Do you have the courage to trust your intuition and to follow the path it opens up to you?

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