Do you have a hard time asking for help?

Why is that we think we have to do it all by ourselves? Why is it that the mere thought of asking makes us wince inside? Why is it that we rather keep a facade than let other people see our insides?

We feel secure, protected, kind of strong and alone. We fear judgement that’s why. Think about it. How often do you judge someone outside your circle of ‘approved’ people?

Yet…we cannot walk alone. We are wired for connection. True connection only happens when you open the door to your fortress. Scary stuff. Are you worth it?

We think we have to prove it. You know what? You are never good enough in THEIR eyes. Even as a life battered grown up you still replay old stories. Unfortunately there is no button to push that makes you forget.

Illness separates until you build a bridge. In a situation like that all your stuff comes up disproportionally  magnified.  But please reach out to your family and friends. They just don’t know how to be with you. You have to show them. You will mess things up and you will straighten it out. It’s so easy to hold on to hostility. It’s so hard to extend your hand and invite.

Nobody knows how you feel unless you tell us.


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  • Laurel

    Tiny — Indeed, a very fortunate coincidence! I love the aspects you focus on here, and apparently our readers need to hear about moving away from approval-seeking behaviors and stepping into their own power. You have brought out some really great points — such as showing people how to be with us now. As we change, we rock the worlds of others, and sometimes we do need to help steady things a bit. Thank you for your perspective.

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