Dis-ease reminds you of you

When we get sick we go to the doctor, get a prescription, take the medication and soon we feel well again. That’s how it works, at least in theory.

But what if that doesn’t happen? What if we can’t shake the lingering fatigue, the repeated infections, or the unexpected pain that sears at the most unlikely moments?

That tells me there is more to it. Chinese medicine teaches that every organ is related to an emotion. Western science has caught up with these empirical data and now supports the findings. What your recurring symptoms are saying is: Look a little bit closer. We are here to remind you. We are here to prompt you to shine a light in your closet.

Let me clarify that I am not talking about guilt: oh, you did this and that’s why you suffer now from that. That’s a bit oversimplified. Dis-ease has a multitude of causes. One of them is an active conflict preventing a body from healing on its deepest level. Once you resolve the underlying problem, located on a mental or emotional level, then you clear the path for all the additional methods that support healing to work.

An illness is like a distortion of the lens we look through. As we grow up, we adopt certain behaviors from our family of origin. We learn through interactions with other people, have experiences, apply those experiences and carve our own groove. This happens without us being aware of it. We realize something isn’t as it should be when we bump up against the same problem again and again. When we are constantly angry or sad or anxious or under pressure.

Parallel to the emotional shift towards the dark side, body symptoms occur. At some point we try to alleviate our symptoms and look for treatment. The thing is, you have to address both. One affects the other. And yes, addressing the body symptoms is a good place to start, because you need strength to tackle the emotional stuff.

I always begin with increasing the metabolism. Correct the nutrition, add freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, prescribe herbs and start with a liver detox. Many symptoms disappear just by doing that, because it opens up space and trust for a whole-being transformation.

It is always up to you how deep you want to go. I know that everyone has his or her own proper pace. When I provide the safe, open environment, change happens almost on its own. There are issues you will still need to deal with, but the problems bubble up in easily digestible portions.

Is it fun? Well, yes and no. Sometimes my clients are so elated to uncover this little piece of information about themselves, they walk around happy and smiling. And sometimes they face tears and heartbreak. Either way, underneath all of it, they grow stronger, resilient and become more of the person they truly are and always have been.

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