Creative Self-Expression is a Gateway to the World Within

When I went into holistic medicine, one of the first things I learned was the importance of creative self-expression.

We all have different ways to express ourselves creatively, but often we don’t allow ourselves the time to do them. We tell ourselves they are stupid, a silly waste of time or they make no sense at all.

But, what if those moments of self-expression are nudges from your soul?

What if the desire to create is a signal, a celebration, or a message? I believe your soul knows exactly what she wants you to know.

Creative expression is her way of talking to you.

I often hear clients say, “I’m not good at  … art …dancing … singing … writing … whatever.”

Being good at a creative endeavor is not important. I believe when you open yourself to allow your creativity to express itself into the world, you open the door to your unconscious world.

I see art as a result of the unconscious workings.

And the truth is, you don’t have to be an artist. Creativity is a way to become one with all what is.

Linearity of time? Forget it. When you are in the flow of creativity, time becomes a myth.

In the beginning, opening yourself up to creativity and self-expression may feel awkward and strange.

That’s OK. Keep doing it. You simply haven’t worked your creative muscles, and unused muscles always take time to build.

If you persevere and push through the discomfort, your eyes will slowly start to see different patterns. Your ears will learn to listen and hear music from within. Your food cravings disappear and you will feel nourished deeply.

This feeling of being outside the verbal world is something we usually don’t know we need.

Even a short period of time in creative flow brings a freshness and relaxation rarely found otherwise.

Try and see how it goes.

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